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Davey Black is a Melbourne fitness centre that offers all of its members the opportunity to train, get fit and stay healthy in a fun and personable environment.

What makes Davey Black so unique?

Three things really stand out as soon as you make contact with them. Variety, Results & Knowledge


Davey Black offers memberships that include swimming, riding, running, triathlon, strength & conditioning, stretching, boxing, foam rolling, mobility, pre and post pregnancy, kids fitness, teen fitness and female only fitness.

Their speciality is in triathlon and running programs, as well as strength and conditioning and mobility for athletes of all sporting backgrounds. Their overriding philosophy is that strength and conditioning and mobility will make any athlete more robust and allow them to train harder for longer at their chosen sport while greatly reducing the risk of injury.

The high level of expertise required to look after top end athletes is just an added bonus for anyone who lives nearby. Davey Black opens up its doors to the local community and provides the same service and delivery for all levels of fitness, all ages and all stages of your health and fitness journey.

This Melbourne fitness centre offers kids classes for children as young as 3 years old, teen fitness, Junior Development Triathlon, and adults classes that cater for elite athletes, weekend warriors and beginners. All of this in a warm and welcoming small group training environment.


While you could walk past a gym or fitness centre every block in your local area, none would boast the success of this humble little studio.

The success stories that come out of this Melbourne fitness centre are amazing; weight loss, increased flexibility, confidence, coordination, injury management, rehabilitation, sporting success, the list is endless.

The greatest successes come from the Davey Black Triathlon Club that offers its athletes full access to the studio.

Every athlete is treated as an individual. Beginners, age group, podium winners and world championship athletes all train together and drive each others motivation and success. There seems to be no ego in the club and Performance Triathlon Coach Steve Davis creates fun and challenging sessions that ensure that no one is left behind, while still pushing the top end hard and getting results.

Last season alone boasted almost 400 Personal Best achievements from every athlete. The proof is in the pudding!


The skills required to get these results do not come easily. Every coach in the Davey Black stable has a long list of education, skills, experience and sporting success. They also have genuine care and concern for the health and wellbeing of every one of the members that they coach.

The small group class sizes are capped at 10 people, so every session is personal and tailored to suit the fitness studio Melbourne level of each individual.

Coaches Steve Davis, Louise Hodgins, Vicki Ryan, Nestor Rivera, Andrew Garwood and Catalina Castano share between them an amazing list of achievements. AFL umpiring, State/National Level Cricket, World Championship Triathlon, Ironman, Marathon, Ultimate Frisbee and State Level Football are just a handful of sporting successes. The knowledge and experience

Every coach that works out of this Melbourne fitness centre is a leader in their field with a caring and approachable personality. Each of them go out of their way to ensure the very best care and attention is paid to every member and that every individual is receiving the program that best suits their specific needs.

So if you are looking for a fitness solution that is tailored to your needs, offers variety, a high level of experience and proven results, then come on down to the studio and start your free trial today.

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