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Are you looking for the best Fitness Trainer Melbourne has to offer? With so many fitness studios, gyms and personal trainers popping up and spouting their often-questionable promises all over social media, it can be hard to sort the fact from the fiction.

The following list will give you the ammunition you need to make the right choice. We will go through 5 simple things you should look for if you are on the hunt for the best fitness trainer Melbourne has?


The most obvious, but often overlooked, question you should be asking is what are your fitness trainers qualifications and what is their past experience?

Social media allows both the best and the worst fitness trainers Melbourne has to promote whatever they want to with very little need for justification or evidence. Look past the number of likes and followers and basic answers to simple questions and see if your fitness trainer really knows the details of what it is that they are promoting. Make sure they can answer the HOW questions, not just the WHY questions.

Find out where they have worked previously and for how long and make sure these past experiences align with the training that they are going to provide for you.


While not necessarily a make or break decision, if you are using a fitness trainer to help you with your specific sporting goals, then it is always reassuring to know that your fitness trainer has had experience in the specific, or at least similar, sport that you are aiming to improve at.

Different sports bring with them different challenges. These challenges are not only physical, but they can also be skill based, psychological, fatigue, nutrition, or as simple as time management. To have someone in your corned who understands these challenges is not only reassuring for you, but you can also ask them for help and advice around the specific challenges you are facing.


Your journey with a fitness trainer is going to require you to spend a lot of time with that person. For this reason, it is a good idea if you have similar interests outside of fitness and training that you can talk about before, after and during the rests at your fitness sessions. This will make the session far more enjoyable and provide added motivation for you to get to your sessions to talk more about the things you are passionate about.

It might sound odd, but make a list of the top 5 things you are most interested in. It can be as diverse as music, sports, gardening, beekeeping or holiday destinations. Quiz your potential fitness trainer to see if they have similar interest or stories to share and this will ensure that every session you go to is genuinely fun and exciting for the both of you!


All too often the expectation that a fitness trainer knows how to manage injuries is just assumed with their qualifications and experience.

Ask your potential fitness trainer how they would manage any injury you may be unfortunate enough to pick up. The answers to these questions should be very heavily weighted in your final decision.

Ask them how they would change your program? Does the facility allow for one person to do injury management exercises within a class of otherwise healthy people? Do they have a referral program with medical services? How would they know when you are ready to return to full training?

The answers to all of these questions should be based around slow and easy progressions coupled with contact and advice from medical experts. Anyone who even hints that they would give you specific injury advice without consultation with a medical expert is putting your health at risk and should be crossed off your list.


The final piece of information you should seek out is exactly how will your potential fitness trainer develop and progress a program for you to ensure that you reach your goals. They should be able to tell you exactly how they would adapt and change your program should there be and alterations to your goals such as holidays, workload, illness or just a change in overall goals that you have set.

Goal setting is a major part of maintaining motivation and adherence to any program, so your fitness trainer should be willing to sit down with you and set simple, measureable, achievable, relevant and time oriented goals.


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