Davey Black Skate Club


The Davey Back Skate Club puts you in touch with like minded skaters of all ages and riding all board types.

Davey Black Sports Performance centre also provides all the strength and conditioning, yoga, physiotherapy and sports psychology you need to stake further, faster, with more efficiency and try new tricks you never thought you could.

Our Black Boardz are custom made right here in Melbourne by a Sports Performance Coach, a Surfer and a Physiotherapist.

Building each board by hand, from the design stage right through to production and the finished product. Our team ensure that every board is functionally fast, provides you with the most comfortable ride and allows you to place your feet at the best angles for the highest push efficiency and least stress to reduce the risk of injury.


There is no cost to join the Davey Black Skate Club. This group is designed to introduce you to other like-minded skateboarders. It is a safe place to ask questions and get help with purchasing or setting up your board, finding someone to skate with, and discovering the greatest skating routes in Melbourne. Custom made "Black Boardz" are built for comfort, efficiency and injury prevention. They are designed to provide the greatest ride that can be delivered on 4 wheels and a piece of wood. Wether you are an old school skater, a surfer looking to keep your skills up on dry land, or a sportsperson wanting to keep fit in the off season, then Black Boardz can custom fit you to your own board, or help you find the perfect board off the shelf.