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Davey Black Fitness – Elsternwick

Davey Black Fitness is approaching its second birthday since husband and wife team Marie Segrave and Steve Davis opened the Fitness Studio Melbourne in June 2017.

Marie and Steve met through triathlon and a love of fitness and healthy living. In their early days they would often be found filling in the weekend paper crosswords while making creative salads and baked goods to refuel after long ride and run sessions. Several years later, and with Marie pregnant with child number three, the two fitness enthusiasts decided to bring a concept business that Steve had started in Ireland back to Australia.

Steve is a Triathlon Australia Performance Coach, and had started a fitness business in Ireland, where he lived before he met Marie. His business model included having a triathlon club that not only catered for swimming, cycling and running, but also provided strength and conditioning, mobility and recovery sessions for kids, juniors and adults of all levels of fitness, and not only for triathlon.

The couple hunted for a suitable space that was close to home and their kids schools so that the whole family could be involved in their new venture. The dream was to open a Melbourne fitness studio that would cater for athletes, pregnant women, junior athletes, young kids and the local community all under one roof.

This Melbourne fitness studio was born in June of 2017 and named Davey Black Fitness. Steve took his triathletes from strength to strength by adding strength and conditioning classes, mobility and recovery sessions to their program and working together with specialist fitness studio coaches.

Marie and Steve also went on to start ‘Little Fit’ for 5-8 year olds. School kids would come to the fitness studio after school and learn about movement and fitness in a fun and inclusive way. Steve also took a five week fitness course to the local kinder where 3-4 year old kids were taken through balance, hand-eye coordination and postural skills utilising the playground equipment and playing games involving spacial awareness and neuromuscular development.

Members of the local community soon heard about the newest Melbourne fitness studio and its highly skilled and friendly staff. They would sign up for the HIIT, circuit and boxing sessions and the small group training sessions soon became the mix of kids, locals and athletes that had inspired the opening of the studio in the first place.

Now, as their second birthday approaches, this little Melbourne fitness studio is excited to announce some big things for athletes and the local community .

Coming soon upstairs at Davey Black Fitness will be a Yoga Studio, an athlete Recovery Room with shoulder, core and leg Rapid Muscle Recovery System compression and a consulting space for Nutrition and Massage.

Downstairs, some amazing new coaches will bring their talents and enthusiasm to the Davey Black Melbourne fitness studio. The Little Fit kids sessions will return first, followed by Teen Fit sessions for teenagers soon after, and ‘Little Yoga’ will be starting very soon for 3&4 year olds on Monday mornings. For the adults, there will be a running club for all abilities as well as beginner triathlon courses that will have you personal training studio Melbourne like a pro for your first event.

If you want to stay tuned to all this and more, look us up on our Melbourne fitness studio or Triathlon facebook pages.

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